• 19/07/2024 19:59

The US transferred $500 thousand of confiscated Russian funds to Ukraine

The US Department of Justice transferred Russian $500 thousand to Ukraine through Estonia. These funds were confiscated for illegal arms trafficking. This was reported by the press service of the US Department of Justice.

The United States transferred $500 thousand of confiscated Russian funds to Ukraine

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The money was confiscated after the discovery of an illegal procurement network that tried to import to Russia, US-made high-precision machine tools for the defense forces and for the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The Latvian citizen accused in connection with this procurement scheme pleaded guilty to violating US export laws and regulations.

This transfer is the first transfer of funds from the United States to a foreign ally for the express purpose of assisting Ukraine, and the second time that the US Department of Justice's KleptoCapture Task Force has provided confiscated Russian assets to Ukraine – last year it transferred $5.4 million in confiscated funds to the US State Department for support for Ukrainian war veterans.

The confiscated funds are being transferred to Estonia, since the facts of this case do not allow for a direct transfer to Ukraine.

Estonia is using these funds for a project to speed up damage assessment and critical repairs Ukrainian electricity distribution and transmission system, which has become a deliberate target for Russian forces.

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