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The world's largest manufacturer of building materials, Knauf, is leaving Russia.

The German manufacturer of building materials Knauf announced its intention to leave Russia and transfer its Russian business to local management after it became known about the company’s participation in construction work in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. The Moscow Times writes about this.

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What is known

“In light of current events, the Knauf Group has decided to abandon its business in Russia after more than 30 years of operation,” the company said in a statement.

The management of the Russian “subsidiary” of Knauf will get the business of extraction of raw materials, production and sales of construction materials. However, the agreement still needs to be approved by the Russian authorities.


In early April, journalists from the ARD Monitor published an investigation into Knauf’s participation in construction in occupied Mariupol, which was almost destroyed by the Russian army during its capture in the spring of 2022.

In addition to supplying cement to Mariupol, Knauf participated in a project for the construction of a residential building commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The company itself stated that it condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine and complies with all EU sanctions. Knauf products manufactured in Russia are intended “exclusively for the Russian market,” the company noted.

At the same time, the Bundestag accused Knauf of the fact that the company is “cementing Russian authorities in the occupied regions (Ukraine – ed.), in particular in Mariupol.” Even if construction materials are not subject to EU sanctions at all, the company must be aware that it is indirectly helping to wage war, noted sanctions law expert Victor Winkler.

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