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There may be no indexation of pensions in 2024 in the absence of international assistance – Ministry of Social Policy

Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovich suggested that in the absence of international financial assistance, the indexation of pensions in 2024 may not take place. She stated this during a telethon, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Indexation of pensions in 2024 may not happen in the absence of international assistance — Ministry of Social Policy

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“I want to reassure all pensioners receiving an old-age pension, because most of the pension income and revenue distributed by the Pension Fund are our internal revenues, which are provided by our Ukrainian payers, in particular, our military. Since they all pay the Unified Social Contribution, our Pension Fund is stably supported by Ukrainian funds,” said Zholnovych.

In connection with which the minister emphasized that there should be no problems with the payment of pensions.< /p>

“It may not be possible, if in fact there are such risks (lack of international financial assistance, ed.), to talk about indexation, but the basic pension will be paid and for this we will find funds from internal Ukrainian resources,” she said.

Zholnovich noted that all increases and indexations are included in the budget and she hopes that resources for this will be found.

“I think we can meet these challenges. I would not like to prematurely scare pensioners with the fact that they will not receive their pensions in accordance with the law and the increase at the inflation level that is provided for. For now, we are ready to make them,” she added.

Social payments

As for social payments, such as assistance to low-income people, internally displaced persons and other categories, then, according to Zholnovich , these expenses are financed by international partners.

At the same time, she noted that the Ministry of Social Policy has agreed with the World Bank on assistance amounting to almost $2 billion, and these funds will cover the costs of basic social expenses in the first months of 2024 .


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Daniil Getmantsev stated that all social payments in the first months of 2024 will be timely and in full.

Earlier, Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko, in a commentary to the Financial Times, said that Ukraine may have to postpone the payment of pensions and salaries to civil servants if the EU and the US do not provide the promised financial assistance at the beginning next year.


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