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Ukrainians in “Diya” will be able to submit claims to the international Register of Damage

Through “Diya” it will be possible to submit an application for compensation of damage to the international Register of losses, reports the Ministry of Transformation.

Ukrainians in

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An agreement on electronic data exchange was signed, thanks to to which Ukrainians will be able to submit an application for compensation for damage caused as a result of Russian aggression. It provides for the launch of a new service, which is an unprecedented case of international data exchange. The service will be available on the portal and in the Diya application.

“Diya has become one of the major digital recovery tools. First, we launched the Notification of Damaged Property service, then, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property, and subsequently the єUpdate service. Submitting applications through “Diya” to the international Damage Register is an important step to record losses and confirm all losses caused by Russia. Diya becomes an important part of transferring and reflecting the scale of damage in order to further launch a compensation mechanism,” noted Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

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The first stage will begin in April of this year – Ukrainians will be able to submit applications for damaged or destroyed residential real estate if they have an Inspection Certificate from local authorities.

Over time it is planned , that it will be possible to submit an application to the Register of Losses even if a person has not contacted local authorities.

In addition, the list of categories of losses due to Russian aggression will subsequently be expanded. It will be possible to submit applications to the Register through “Diya” regarding:

    harm caused to life and health; forced displacement and involuntary resettlement; crimes of torture and sexual violence; other damages and damages caused.

In the future, legal entities and the state will be able to file claims about damage to business and infrastructure.


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