• 18/07/2024 12:48

Ukreximbank is considering integrating artificial intelligence into its systems

Ukreximbank is actively considering the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into its systems. Interfax reports this with a link to the financial institution.

Ukreximbank is considering the integration of artificial intelligence into its systems

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According to a bank representative, the team of the transformation office of Ukreximbank is actively considering implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into our systems and has already begun to use it in pilot modes.

“That is, in parallel with the internal transformation, we understand that if we do not develop our skills “in step” with market, then in five years we will simply become uncompetitive,” said Andrey Malakhov, head of the financial institution’s transformation office.

Malakhov also noted that the state bank does not always manage to quickly implement changes due to the specifics of clients in the form of government official departments, but, according to him, the Ukrexim team is committed to this.

Recall that at the beginning of the year the National Bank announced that Ukreximbank needs additional capitalization.


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