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US sanctions against Russia: the Mir payment system, banks and fintech companies are on the list

The United States is introducing more than 500 new sanctions against Russia, including the list of major Russian financial infrastructure, including the operator of the national payment system Mir, Russian banks, investment companies and financial technology companies. The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Oksana Markarova reported this on Facebook.

US sanctions against Russia: the Mir payment system, banks and fintech companies are on the list

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Sanctions against the Russian Federation

According to Markarova, the Russian national payment card system (National Payment Card System Joint Stock Company), which is the state operator of the Russian national payment system Mir, was sanctioned. NSPK belongs to the Central Bank of Russia and plays a key role in simplifying financial transactions both within Russia and abroad.

The US Treasury also authorized nine financial institutions, including several with headquarters in the centers of Russian military-industrial bases; five investment and venture funds seeking to support the development of advanced technologies and next generation industry in Russia and six fintech companies.

Financial institutions

Restrictions apply to Avangard Bank, Bank RostFinance, Commercial Bank Chelindbank, Commercial Bank International Financial Club, Commercial Bank Modulbank, Joint Stock Company Databank, Maritime Joint Stock Bank, Bystrobank, SPB Bank.

Investment companies and venture funds< /h3>

    BSF Capital provides investment banking services, venture capital investments, fund management and large asset management. Investment Consultant Elbrus Capital, investment company. Orbita Capital Partners, an asset management company. Investment and Venture Fund of Tatarstan provides loans and grants and finances technological and industrial projects. Guard Kapital, investing in Russian information technology companies.

Fintech companies

Financial information systems develop information systems for the financial sector.

    Quorum develops financial software. Crypto Pro develops cryptographic software and public key infrastructure solutions. Faktor TS, software for cryptographic information protection. Sistemy Prakticheskoi Bezopasnosti, develops software for security systems. Validata develops and produces secure enterprise information systems.


On February 23, US President Joe Biden announced the introduction of more than 500 new sanctions measures against Russia on the eve of the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.


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