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Venture capital investment in the crypto industry fell by 68% in 2023

Venture investments in blockchain startups in 2023 amounted to $10.7 billion, which is 68% less than a year earlier ($33.3 billion), writes The Block, reports ForkLog.

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Most investments were made in the first half of the year, after which the volume of financing decreased sharply. In November, amid a renewed market, there were signs of a revival in business activity again.

The share of deals concluded at early stages of development increased compared to the previous year, when more investment flowed into relatively mature projects.

Despite the 68% decline, 2023 turned out to be the third year in terms of investment volume compared to previous periods:

Source: The Block Research

The most popular areas for venture capital investment in blockchain technology in 2023 were:

Researchers expect a revival of activity in the venture sector in the coming year (both in terms of volume and number of deals). They justify their forecast by “recent price changes and expected bullish trends” in the market. In November, the volume of venture investments in crypto companies increased by 179%.

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