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Which hybrid cars did Ukrainians choose in June?

Last month, more than 2.1 thousand hybrid passenger cars (HEV and PHEV) were added to the Ukrainian vehicle fleet. This is 49% more than in the past. Ukravtoprom reports this.

What hybrid cars did they choose Ukrainians in June

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Market of new hybrid cars

The share of new cars in this amount was 55%, against 70% in the past.

Top 5 new most popular models

In In the segment of new passenger cars, the leader in the hybrid market remains the Toyota RAV-4 (352 units).

Nissan X-Trail (85 units) ranks second.

The third most popular is Toyota Camry ( 74 units)

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Used car market

< p>In registrations of imported used cars with hybrid power plants, Ford Fusion US (78 units) takes the lead.

Also in the top three: Toyota Prius (60 units) and KIA Niro (50 units).< /p>

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