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Yasno will begin disconnecting debtors from electricity from the end of January

Metropolitan electricity supplier Yasno, part of the DTEK energy holding, will begin disconnecting debtors on January 29. This was stated by the company’s general director Sergei Kovalenko on air at the national telethon, EP reports.

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Disconnection warning

Answering the question whether the debtors have already received a warning, as provided for by the government decree, he noted that there are two types of warnings.

“The first – we call this notification when the company uses all methods, from SMS, from mailings in Viber and chats, ending with calls to people, informing that there is a debt, please pay,” Kovalenko said.

The second type of warning, according to him, already precedes the direct disconnection of the consumer.< /p>

“As for the warning, as an official document, it is sent out 10 days before the shutdown. This is the first stage, and the person has time (to pay off debts – ed.). And 5 days before the networks send their warning letter. These 10 days are to get out of the situation and pay off the debt,” noted the CEO of Yasno.

According to him, this does not mean that everyone who has debts will begin to receive notifications from January 29 .

“Of course, a warning will not be sent out to everyone at once. Everyone only receives notifications,” said Kovalenko.

“We rank debtors from the highest based on the amount of debt. And the second criterion is the depth of debt. That is, there are debtors for one month, and this is not such a big problem, we hope we communicate with them. And there are debts that are a year or more,” he added.

Kovalenko emphasized that the shutdown will occur after receiving a warning.

“10 days, and the shutdown is carried out,” said leader Yasno.

How to avoid shutdown

He also told how to avoid such a scenario.

Yes, if a person is not on the territory of Ukraine, then, according to Sergei Kovalenko, he can pay the debt.

“This is not a big problem. There are many electronic channels through which you can pay: from the website to the mobile application. This can be done from anywhere in the world,” he noted.

“If a person has accumulated a large debt due to various circumstances and does not have the full amount to pay, we consider such cases, but we need communication. This person needs to convert. And we enter into so-called installment agreements, and there is already an individual schedule for which a person pays,” added Kovalenko.

And in order to resume electricity supplies, you will need to pay the debt.

< p>“After this you will need to receive an invoice for connection and pay. Because disconnecting and connecting costs money. After the connection bill is paid, colleagues from the networks physically connect the subscriber to the supply within 5 days,” said the CEO of Yasno.

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