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100 years later: scientists have solved the mystery of the “Japanese mermaid” (photo)

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Mysterious creatures of the water world from time to time become objects of messages from different parts of the planet.

This information was reported by The Sun, reports URA-Inform.  

Mermaids, which have always been part of the myths and folklore of many peoples, remain the subject of doubt about their existence in the real world. And recent scientific research only deepens skepticism about their reality.

In particular, American researchers have solved the mystery of the so-called Japanese mermaid. According to local legend, the creature was caught in Japan in the late 19th century, and in the early 20th century, American sailors transported it to the United States, where it was transferred to the Clark County Historical Society.

Scientists examined the mummy using CT scanning last year. The analysis showed that the jaw of the so-called «mermaid» belonged to a warty fish, and its «hands» were the limbs of a turtle. The rest of the body was simply made of paper. As for the stories about «fish scales» on her back — they turned out to be a fiction, because there are no bones in the design.

The frame of the creature consisted of wood. Reports of other finds that allegedly belonged to merpeople were also debunked, as they turned out to be body parts of real sea creatures, but with a non-standard appearance.

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