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A citizen can receive from the TCC – a requirement: not to be confused with a summons

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According to the new law on strengthening mobilization 10449, another document has been introduced that a citizen can receive from the territorial recruitment center – a requirement.< /p>

This information was reported by Sud.ua, reports URA-Inform.  

It is noted that this document should not be confused with a summons.

In particular, a summons-demand is served in the following cases:

— when a citizen did not appear at the TCC, did not pass the VLK or did not clarify his data within 60 days;

— The TCC contacts the police with a demand to deliver such a citizen to the TCC;

— in case of impossibility of delivery, the head of the TCC within 5 days sends to this citizen in paper form by mail the same “requirement”.

In addition, the requirement precedes the appeal of the territorial center for recruitment and social support to court with a claim for restriction of «deviator» the right to drive a vehicle. The corresponding measures will be applied through a judicial procedure, and they will be preceded by a certain algorithm of actions that must be carried out by the TCC.

We recall that it was previously reported from whom and under what conditions cars can be mobilized for the needs of the army: the seizure algorithm.

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