• 15/07/2024 04:08

A robot attacked a Tesla engineer: the man was seriously injured

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This information was reported by  DailyMail, reports URA-Inform.  

A Tesla software engineer was attacked during a power outage by a robot designed to lift and move freshly cast aluminum parts.

The engineer was reportedly working on software that controls the work that must cut car parts from freshly cast pieces of aluminum.

While two robots were turned off so the engineer and his team could work on the machines, the third was accidentally left on – leading to the attack.

The faulty robot first crushed the engineer, and then he plunged his metal claws into the back and arm of the worker, leaving a “bloody trail” on the walls of the factory.

“The incident, which left the victim with an open wound on his left arm, was disclosed in a 2021 injury report filed with Travis County and federal regulators. The data also shows that 1 in 21 Giga Texas workers will be injured on the job in 2022,” the release said.

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