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A Russian pensioner sent Putin and addressed young people: what she called them to do (video)

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This information was reported by TG «Lawyer of Law», reports URA-nform ”

The pensioner, answering a question from a street project with surveys of Russians called “What to do,” openly spoke about her life under the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In particular, she drew an analogy between the modern Russian Federation and the hungry post-war USSR.

“I’m 82. I survived the Second World War, I was hungry then, and I’m just as hungry now . There was nothing then, but then we fed each other, treated each other, helped each other. Now the store is full of everything, and we are all hungry. “It’s very difficult,” she said.

Then the 82-year-old Russian citizen sent Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin “for the Russian ship” and called on Russian youth to stop being afraid.

“Don’t be afraid… because you are afraid, you are afraid of everything! You are afraid to say, you are afraid of everything. When you are afraid, fear conquers everything. Don’t be afraid: if you’re afraid, nothing will happen,” the pensioner said sharply.


We remind you that it was previously reported that the families of SVO officers began to receive unique packages (photo).

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