• 21/07/2024 15:37

A serious threat looms over the United States: it became known who even decided to speak in Congress

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform”.< /p>

The President's National Security Advisor is preparing a report to appear before Congress detailing the nature of this threat. However, he expressed optimism about President Biden's ability to effectively resolve this issue and ensure the protection of Americans.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican, weighed in, saying he saw no reason for concern. in light of national threat claims published in Axios.

A particular focus is on ABC News' claims about Russia's plans to put nuclear weapons in space. This innovation is considered in the United States as a serious threat to national security, which led to the convening of a special briefing in the White House to discuss the situation.

Recall that the war in Ukraine is entering a new stage: Syrsky explained what this means.

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