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A third of deputies acquired new cars and real estate during the war: details

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Epravda reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

In particular, during the first year of the war, people's representatives declared 134 new vehicles, in addition to the 304 existing ones. Another 109 deputies purchased at least one new car, and 25 people’s deputies do not have cars or have not submitted declarations. Among the most favorite brands of deputies — Mercedes (19 cars) and Lexus (11 cars).

As for real estate, the deputies acquired 260 new properties in addition to the almost 1,000 acquired before the war (apartments, houses and land plots). Every third deputy purchased new real estate. Per faction member, the largest share of new assets — cars and real estate — from people's deputies from the «Trust» group and the party «Servant of the People».

Increasingly, people's deputies began to receive property for use. It is noted that until February 2022, 58% of people's deputies owned cars, whereas after the start of the war — only 45% (before receiving the People's Deputy badge in 2019, the figure reached 77%). Of almost a thousand properties, 59% were owned before February 2022, and now — only 45% (before the election of deputies this figure was 72%).

«The change in the way of owning real estate can be explained by the factor of the great war: many Ukrainians do not take the risk of investing money in «bricks». This seems strange when it comes to cars. Most likely, the people's representatives do not want to demonstrate to the public the fact of buying a car during the war», — note journalists «EP».

We recall that it was previously reported that Zaluzhny has a new war plan: the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the fighters must use it in battle.

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