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A Western general warned what Ukraine will soon have to do to wage war: details

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This statement was made by Major General Christian Freuding in an interview with RND, head of the special staff for Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense Germany, reports URA-Inform.

«Ukraine will certainly need to mobilize more soldiers, primarily due to the huge losses that she carried it. But also because the troops, some of which have been on the front line for 24 months, need replenishment», — noted the major general.

He emphasized that the type and scale of mobilization are now being discussed in the populated areas of Ukraine. This process, he said, is political and social, and also depends on the demographic situation in the country.

Freuding emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities must take into account the «economic viability of the state» in the context of mobilization.

As previously reported, mobilization in Ukraine is under threat: the Ministry of Defense is faced with an important requirement from the Rada.

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