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Age matters: who do deputies want to mobilize first?

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This information was reported by «24 Channel», reports URA-Inform .  

According to Roman Kostenko, the main thing that should be in the new bill on mobilization — conscription of young people, not guys 40-50 years old.

According to him, it should include normal motivation for current and future military personnel, so that they have the desire to defend the state. We are talking about both the financial component and the proper training of fighters, veteran policy towards them, etc.

The politician clarified that «pay attention to youth» — this is not about just taking away young guys with beads.

«We need to pay attention to our youth. This is not about us having to take them and throw them into beads — we must motivate them to join the army», — he thinks.

At the same time, Romanko clarified what the problem is with 40-50-year-old guys in the army:

«When we talk about asymmetric warfare, about the war of modern technologies, it is very difficult for people who are already well over 40, or even over 50 years old, to use these technologies».

We would like to remind you that it was previously reported that in Transcarpathia, a man kidnapped by the TCC cut his wrists: what is known.

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