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Aid to Ukraine is delayed again: the media found out what the Republicans did

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Republicans are delaying the voting process on a proposal to allocate funds to renew aid to Ukraine.

About this information The Guardian reported, URA-Inform reported.

The reason for delaying the procedural vote is that Republicans do not have the opportunity to introduce their amendments to the bill.

Senators Eric Schmitt and Mike Lee accuses Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of forcing his version of the bill forward “without proper debate and without taking into account amendments.”

Lee also expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that the allocation of funds for aid to Ukraine is causing a negative reaction.

Senator Bernie Sanders opposed the allocation of aid to Israel, believing that the United States should not send money for «military purposes» of this country.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill to allocate more than $60 billion in aid to Ukraine on Saturday, April 20, and sent it to the Senate for a vote.

The Senate began considering the initiative to Ukraine today, April 23. It is planned to combine this initiative with other bills on assistance to Israel, Taiwan and US national security issues.

Recall that Zelensky and Biden have a new agreement: the media found out what kind of call took place.

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