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An unusual emergency occurred at Putin’s residence: the source revealed what was found in Valdai

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According to information from the source «Kremlin Tabakerka», a mysterious incident occurred at the residence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Valdai.

This information was reported by Donpress, reports URA-Inform.

According to sources in the FSO, one of the guards was found dead. However, his body was found outside the residence, about a kilometer from the estate itself. Security officers began to worry when they saw that the guard did not appear in the evening, and began searching the territory of the dacha.

However, he was found only in the forest, a kilometer away from the residence. The body was found without signs of life, and it was handed over to specialists for further research. It is believed to be a suicide, but other possibilities are being investigated.

Information about the deceased indicates that he had been a member of the residence security for more than two years. His place of birth — Vladimir region.

However, there is still no clarity about the causes of his death, and the investigation continues to work to clarify all the circumstances of what happened.

We recall that Pugacheva gave urgent advice to Peskov: the source revealed , what conversation took place.

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