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Another country is preparing for war with the Russian Federation: the Commander-in-Chief admitted what the situation is

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This information was reported by NL Times, reports URA-Inform.

Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands Army Martin Wijnen admitted that his country must seriously prepare for a possible direct military confrontation with Russia. In the interview, the military man emphasized the need to thoroughly prepare the country for a possible military conflict.

Wienen warned that «The Netherlands must take the issue of war very seriously», calling on society not to waste time and actively mobilize resources to prepare for a possible attack.

He noted the importance of studying the experience of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries, which, being in close proximity to Russia, were the first to think about their own security after the Russian army invaded Ukraine.

The military officer emphasized that despite the distance, the Netherlands should not rely solely on distance from potential enemy, and the entire society should be prepared for possible unforeseen circumstances.

He recommended that civilians stockpile food and drinking water, and the military understand that Russia only understands the language of force.

Thus, the main task of the defense department is to maximize the strengthening of the army. As one of the ways to prepare for a possible confrontation with Russia, Vainen put forward the idea of ​​voluntary service for young people in the army.

Let us remind you whether Estonia will extradite Ukrainians liable for military service: the head of the Foreign Ministry has had his say.

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