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Another metro station may be closed: the reason has been announced

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This information was reported by TG «Kyiv», reports URA-Inform .  

On the «blue» Kyiv metro line may close the station «Geroev Dnepra» due to problems associated with the condition of the tunnels and the station itself, where groundwater leaks regularly occur from the walls and ceiling.

Difficulties at the «Heroev Dnepra» began shortly after the construction of the Oasis Shopping and Entertainment Center above it. Since the beginning of February 2019, passengers have periodically shared photographs online showing leaks.

Andrey Vitrenko, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council and head of the budget commission, spoke about plans to hold an off-site meeting of deputies. According to him, the structure of the shopping center «Oasis» above the station «Heroes of Dnepra» actually violates established standards.

«The main problem pressing at the «blue» metro station shallow branches (5-8 meters) – chaotic development. High-rise buildings were erected on the “red lines”, and they deform the walls of the metro tunnels. “We know about 7 very problematic areas,” Vitrenko said.

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