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At the end of January, Kiev residents will have their electricity turned off: Yasno warned who will be affected

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Yasno CEO Sergei Kovalenko announced this during a speech at the national telethon, URA-Inform reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

“The first outages are planned for approximately January 29,” he emphasized at the very beginning, after which he continued.

Kovalenko also explained that there are two types of notifications about the upcoming power outage, which can be received by those who have debts.

«First type — this is a notification where the company uses various means, from SMS to mailings in Viber and chats, to inform about the presence of a debt and ask to pay it», — Kovalenko explained.

As for the second type of notification, this is a specific warning about the direct disconnection of the consumer.

«Official notification in the form of a document is sent 10 days before the shutdown. This is the first stage, giving a person time to pay off the debt. And 5 days before the network shutdown, another warning letter is sent. Only 10 days are provided to resolve the situation and pay the debt», — he added.

Kovalenko noted that not all debtors will receive notifications from January 29, since they are ranked according to two criteria: the amount of debt and the duration of its existence.

«We evaluate debtors by the size and duration of the debt. If someone is only in debt for a month, this is not such a critical situation, and we interact with them. While those who owe a year or more have a more serious problem,” he noted.

According to him, the process of turning off electricity will begin 10 days after receiving the first warnings. However, in order to avoid this scenario, it is necessary to repay the debt in a timely manner.

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