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At what amounts of debt will the residents of Ukraine not have their lights turned off: the Ministry of Energy gave their answer

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This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that the cost of living is set at 1,514 hryvnia. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Svetlana Grinchuk, during the television broadcast of the national telethon.

According to Grinchuk’s comments, the minimum amount of debt at which a power outage is possible has not yet been established by law. However, she emphasized that from the point of view of market conditions, reconnection (after disconnection) must be paid by the consumer.

If this amount does not exceed half the subsistence level, that is, 1514 hryvnia, the company providing the service will also pays for reconnection. This circumstance, according to Grinchuk, is logical based on economic considerations.

The Deputy Minister of Energy noted that in accordance with the government decree, the electricity supplier is obliged to notify the consumer about the existence of a debt and the possibility of turning off the lights.

Within 10 days, consultations will be held regarding the consumer’s readiness to immediately repay the debt. There is also the possibility of concluding an additional agreement on debt restructuring with the definition of a repayment schedule and amount.

Recall that the updated bill on mobilization is already in the Rada: how they propose to punish for refusing to come to the TCC.

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