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Biden made a fateful decision on Ukraine: the source said what Kyiv will lead to

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This information was reported by Politico, citing its insiders, URA-Inform reports.< /p>

According to the publication, American and European officials are beginning to refocus their attention from supporting Ukraine's sweeping victory over Russia and the liberation of all occupied territories to improving Kiev's position in possible negotiations to end hostilities while maintaining Russian control over part of Ukraine.

Although the United States officially maintains that there have been no changes in its policy, informally talks are already underway with Ukrainian authorities about a transition to a defense strategy.

An administration official interviewed in Politico Magazine noted that the main The purpose of this strategic transition to defense is to strengthen Ukraine's position for possible future negotiations.

However, he also added that there are no plans for direct negotiations at the moment, and Ukrainian military forces continue to advance in certain areas.

For President Biden, managing a nearly two-year war amid an increasingly complex election campaign with former President Donald Trump and other Republicans actively criticizing his efforts poses a difficult challenge.

«These discussions are just beginning to develop, but it is impossible to take a public step due to political risks», — said a representative of Congress.

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