• 24/07/2024 16:53

Biden made it clear whether Ukraine should expect new help: Zelensky received a special signal

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URA-Inform reports about a new statement by US President Joe Biden, citing the White House website.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is betting big on new help from the West. Fortunately, Biden supported the new Senate agreement, which could lead to the allocation of a significant amount of money for the needs of Ukraine in the future.

“I strongly support the ideas contained in the bipartisan national security agreement. The reforms will affect both the issue of our borders and foreign policy. It is necessary to defend Ukrainian independence through joint efforts. If the Russian Federation is not stopped now, the United States will have to pay an even greater price in the future,” — Biden said.

However, the issue of new aid is still not resolved. The vote is scheduled for February 7, but many experts predict that it could become difficult.

Recall that mobilization in Ukraine is under threat: the Ministry of Defense is faced with an important demand from the Rada.

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