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Bild showed how the battle between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian “turtle tanks” ended

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Recently, a column of Russian armored vehicles left Marinka with the aim of delivering reinforcements to Krasnogorovka, but their attempt ended in failure.

URA-Inform reports on the successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in destroying Russian equipment, citing BILD.

According to BILD publication analyst Julian Repke, the column was led by an ordinary tank, followed by four “turtle tanks” with infantry were attacked by Ukrainian forces on the approaches to Krasnohorivka. Artillery and mortars of the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire on the column, as a result of which only one tank managed to return back after the infantry landed.

The Russian occupiers in Krasnogorovka found themselves in a difficult situation, having lost almost all their supplies. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they were driven out of one of the combat areas. This is especially important against the backdrop of talk that the Russian Federation is going to launch a new large-scale offensive in the coming months or weeks.

The Russian Federation placed a big bet on the modernized T-72 tanks, which were called “turtle tanks.” However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces manage to cope with this enemy technology.

Remember, the fate of Ukraine is already clear, but one question remains – Musk distinguished himself with a new forecast about the war.

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