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By February 24, the Russian Federation should receive an economic blow from the EU: Bloomberg warned of a nuance

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URA-Inform reports about new sanctions on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, citing Bloomberg.

According to sources, the 13th package of sanctions includes the addition of several dozen individuals and legal entities to the list, as well as some measures aimed at limiting Moscow’s access to Western technologies.

Group of countries -EU members have proposed extending sanctions to other sectors and industries, including nuclear, liquefied natural gas and metals, but some of the proposals are facing resistance in other European capitals.

Recent EU efforts are focusing on enforcing existing restrictions , as Russia continues to seek ways to import key technologies needed for military production. The bloc is also moving forward with plans to introduce a tax on profits from frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank.

New restrictions are in the works but are unlikely to be ready by February 24, according to sources. It is expected that the measures will be coordinated with allies from the G7, and each of them will present their own set of sanctions by the second anniversary of the start of Russian aggression.

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