• 25/07/2024 12:48

Dmitry Nagiyev congratulated Ukrainians on the New Year: how the Russians reacted

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Nagiyev reported this information on Instagram, URA-Inform reports.  

Russian actor and presenter Dmitry Nagiyev congratulated Ukrainians on the New Year and wished 2024 to be peaceful and free. While walking with a dog in the forest, he recorded a video and said smiling:

«Happy new, kind, peaceful, beautiful, satisfying, fair, free , a reliable year.”

Nagiyev, who sometimes delicately hints at his disagreement with the Kremlin’s policies, but still avoids directly condemning the war, outraged Russians with such a Happy New Year greeting. The Ukrainians, on the contrary, thanked him.

Moreover, the Russians were thrown into hysterics by Nagiyev’s congratulations. In the comments, as always, they began to humiliate the actor, and in one of the propaganda TG channels they demanded that the artist immediately clearly outline his position regarding the war in Ukraine.

However, Nagiyev did not remain silent. He responded to all the haters:

«Down with dizziness from success, let's say «no» anal contusion. Happy New Year. Wait for orders.

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