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Dreams can influence a person's life

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Dreams can influence a person's life: innovative research in the field of neuroscience is aimed at identifying the deep nature of dreams and their impact on cognitive processes and sleep quality.

This information was reported by the Neuroscience News resource, URA-Inform reports.

Neuroscientists are not only seeking to understand how dreams shape our perceptions, but also exploring their potential impact on long-term mental illness. This new look at the role of dreams opens up the prospect for scientists to use them for therapeutic purposes, such as improving sleep quality, reducing the frequency of nightmares and treating mental disorders.

Scientists' work

Scientists' work

A team led by Claudia Picard-Delande of the University of Montreal conducted a series of experiments aimed at re-evaluating traditional methods of assessing sleep through dream analysis. By repeatedly awakening study participants, they found that dreams significantly influenced the perception of sleep quality. Participants who were able to remember their dreams or feel more involved in them reported deeper, more restful sleep. This finding has important implications for the treatment of insomnia and other disorders where perceived sleep quality may differ significantly from measured sleep quality.

Another study

Saba Al-Youssef of Sorbonne University, working on a different front, has deepened her understanding of dreams by studying lucid dreams — states in which a person is able to consciously control his dreams. Using this ability, Al-Youssef's team examined the neural processes of dreaming and found that closing the eyes during sleep does not necessarily stop visual imagery. This discovery not only expands our understanding of how the brain works during dreams, but also highlights the importance of lucid dreams in psychological research.


These scientific findings will be presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2024 conference, where experts note the need to develop new methods for studying and controlling dreams. The ultimate goal is to apply this knowledge to clinical practice, including the development of treatments aimed at changing the content of dreams to reduce nightmares and other mental disorders. Thus, scientists have come to the conclusion that dreams can influence a person’s life.

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