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Fico made a scandalous statement about Ukraine's accession to NATO: details

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that his country is against Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

This information was reported by Kresy, URA-Inform reports.  

In his opinion, Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance could supposedly «provoke a global conflict» in the world. In particular, this is the case  in an interview with the program «Saturday Dialogues» Fico expressed his position regarding Ukraine's entry into NATO, while stating that he would lobby against it.

«Ukraine's membership in NATO is beneficial only for the Third World War. An independent Ukraine is enough for us», — said Robert Fico.

The Slovak Prime Minister also hinted at the prospect of seeking reconciliation with the Russian Federation after the end of the war.

«After the military conflict, there is great interest in restoring normalcy in relations with Moscow. I want to pursue a policy of good, friendly relations with everyone who is interested in such a policy», — Fico emphasized.

We recall that it was previously reported that Zelensky discussed a new plan with the United States: an insider revealed what it was.

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