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“Fish” service from a sideboard: their true purpose will surprise many

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This information was reported by Tsn , reports URA-Inform.  

Our grandmothers and mothers always had sideboards with a large number of different sets. Among them was the amazing “Fish” service. It was white, red, gold and blue.

Most people have never used it, perceiving a set of fish as a decorative element. After all, the small fish looked like awkward piles, and the big fish resembled a decanter. However, none of them drank anything.

What is the history of the «Fish» service

The «Fish» service consisted of a decanter with a volume of 700 ml and 6 glasses of 30 ml each. A set for alcohol in the shape of fish was invented by the Georgian artist Baramidze Abesalom Davidovich. It is known that the first set was made in white and gold colors.

From 1956 to 1959, this service was presented at various foreign ceramics exhibitions and gained recognition and popularity. And in 1960, production of the «Fish» service began. at factories in Riga and Tbilisi, then at the famous Polonsky porcelain factory in the Khmelnitsky region and at the Gorodnitsky porcelain factory in the Zhitomir region.

The legendary service was named «Carp Family» and was sold for almost 30 years, during which time it was bought for almost every home.

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