• 18/07/2024 14:34

Foods that reduce brain volume: doctors have warned that it is better to avoid them altogether

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Health Blog”, reports “URA-Inform”.

It is noted that we are talking about fast food, semi-finished products and sweet baked goods. Not only does this cause digestive problems, but it can also have a negative impact on entire areas of the brain.

Experts say the adverse effects are linked to damage to the hippocampus, a key area of ​​the brain responsible for regulating memory and appetite. As a result of consuming such products, mental abilities deteriorate, memory loss and slow reaction times occur.

The main culprit here is unhealthy the composition of these products is usually rich in preservatives, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors. In other words, this means that consuming these foods results in a minimum intake of beneficial nutrients and a maximum of harmful calories, fats and sugar.

Not only does this affect physical health, but it can also have serious effects on brain function , creating problems that can later become chronic.

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