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France may switch to “Plan B” before the start of the Olympics: the reason given

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The opening ceremony of the Olympics in Paris may be canceled due to relevant recommendations from the special services.

This information was reported by Europe1, URA-Inform reports.  

These fears are, in particular, caused by the terrorist attack in an entertainment center near Moscow.

The General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) fears that mass terrorism committed by using military weapons or ramming vehicles.

The counter-terrorism service wants to avoid as much as possible the scenario of a coordinated attack on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in front of cameras around the world.

The counter-terrorism department noted that the current format of this parade of athletes on the Seine carries too many risks to remain so, as it is.

«We must move to plan B. Because with the attack on Moscow, for which the Afghan branch of Daesh took responsibility, there was a threat revised. Over the past week, there has been a large cluster of «, — among the Central Asians we usually follow. noted in intelligence.

Therefore, French intelligence decided to massively target its sensors at Turkmen, Kyrgyz and Kazakh citizens. The challenge is to make this shift while maintaining a high level of vigilance against isolated Islamists who can take action in just a few days.

As previously reported, the full composition of Euro 2024 participants has been determined: all groups of the continental championship.

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