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From whom and under what conditions can cars be mobilized for the needs of the army: seizure algorithm

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On April 17, the law on mobilization was published in the official parliamentary publication «Voice of Ukraine» and will come into force in a month.

24tv reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

It provides for the possibility of confiscating vehicles from citizens for the needs of the army.

Cars can be confiscated only if:

— More than one vehicle is registered per person. They will take away the one that is more suitable for defense needs;

— the car is suitable for military needs (trucks, SUVs, specialized equipment).

According to People's Deputy Venislavsky, 90% of citizens do not need to worry about their cars being confiscated. Cars, as a rule, are not suitable for the needs of the army, so they will not be confiscated.

Car confiscation algorithm:

— the military is forming a list of necessary vehicles;

— mobilization orders are formed in the regions.

At the same time, vehicles are registered with the TCC. Citizens will be contacted and offered to provide a car. Also, before seizure, the market value of the car will be assessed.

What will happen to the seized car:

— the vehicle is prohibited from being sent to another region or outside of Ukraine;

— It is prohibited to transfer ownership of a vehicle, rent it out for a long time or use it as collateral;

— The vehicle must be returned to the owner within 30 days after the announcement of demobilization. The procedure for compensation for losses caused to vehicles must be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The law does not provide for the confiscation of cars from evaders. They may be restricted from using their own vehicle. Exception: if driving is a source of income, if a person has a disability of group I or II, or has a child with such a disability.

It is noted that the mobilization of vehicles — a last resort measure that is used only when necessary.

We recall that it was previously reported that in Bukovina, civilians attacked a TCC employee: a military man opened fire to protect himself (video).

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