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How much does it cost to buy additional experience for retirement: the Pension Fund announced the amounts

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In Ukraine, many are faced with a situation where they do not have enough experience to retire.

This information was reported by Napensiii, URA-Inform reports.  

However, it is possible to purchase the missing length of service for retirement. Faced with such a problem, Ukrainians can quite officially purchase the missing experience of several months or years.

In particular, for each month of experience they will have to pay 1,760 hryvnia. This is the minimum insurance contribution, amounting to 22 percent of the minimum wage, which from April 1 is 8 thousand hryvnia.

Usually the employer pays this contribution for its employees. If a person does not work, he can independently pay contributions in order to increase his experience.

For example, if there is very little time left before retirement, and the person does not have enough experience, then it can be purchased one-time for the previous few years , but in this case, the experience will cost twice as much, or rather, for 1 month you will have to pay 3520 hryvnia, and for one year – 42240 hryvnia.

Naturally, it is not in all cases advisable to pay that kind of money for assigning a pension, although it is up to everyone: whether to pay him for the missing length of service and receive a minimum pension, or whether it is better to simply live on these funds.

We recall that it was previously reported, if there is no experience: what pension awaits Ukrainians in old age.

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