• 23/07/2024 15:59

How Poles really treat Ukrainians: Polish media told the sad truth

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This information was reported by Gazeta PL, citing a study conducted by Personnel Service, reports “URA- Inform.”

A study conducted by Personnel Service found that 22% of Polish citizens have a negative attitude towards Ukrainians. Mostly negative attitudes are expressed among citizens aged 25 to 34 years, while older people over the age of 55 mostly express positive attitudes.

Labor market expert and founder of Personnel Service, Krzysztof Inglot , explained that the increase in negative attitudes towards Ukrainians may be due to the rising cost of living and concerns about Polish citizens’ own financial situation. He noted that many of them are worried that Ukrainian workers could take their jobs.

«We consider them more competitive in the labor market and worry about the impact on their rate of wage growth. However, it must be emphasized that the impact when jobs go away only affects a minority of our society. We understand that Ukrainians are filling gaps in the labor market, where it is difficult to find workers», — the expert emphasized.

Let us remind you at what amounts of debt the residents of Ukraine will not turn off the lights: the Ministry of Energy gave their answer.

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