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How the conscript’s electronic account will work: the lawyer named the key forecast

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UNIAN reported this information, citing the opinion of specialist lawyer Sergei Savinsky, reports URA- Inform.”

Savinsky noted that it is too early to make specific forecasts, since the various provisions of the bill have not yet been harmonized. However, it is known that after the law comes into force, those liable for military service will be given 60 days to register in the electronic account.

«It is important that there is clear communication when launching an official registry. All information should be available to citizens, at least on the websites of the Verkhovna Rada and the relevant ministries», — emphasized the lawyer.

He noted that identification of persons can occur using qualified electronic signatures, the Diya.Signatures application or through the Administrative Services Center, where a military service member’s office is created. Failure to participate in registration will be considered a violation of the law on mobilization, for which a fine is provided.

According to Savinsky, factors that the conscript cannot influence should be taken into account, as well as consider issues of data protection and the possibility of their transfer to third parties .

«During the nationalization of PrivatBank, there were many cases of leakage of client data. Therefore, the registry raises many questions, but it is also an interesting experience», — he noted.

The expert recalled that at the beginning of a full-scale war, there were rumors that military registration and enlistment offices in territories that were under the threat of occupation destroyed conscripts’ documents to prevent the occupiers from accessing them.< /p>

«With the advent of the registry, all information will be concentrated in one place, and we will see how it will work», — Savinsky summed up.

Recall that Zelensky again carried out personnel changes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the corresponding decrees were signed.

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