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How the war in Ukraine will develop in 2024: the expert identified five main forecasts

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This information was reported by Sepa, URA-Inform reports.  

Security and defense commentator Michael Peck identified five main scenarios:

Military action will continue

Unless key developments occur on the battlefield, it is difficult to imagine a peace achieved through diplomacy and negotiation that would satisfy both sides at this point. This war will not end in the current year 2024.

The stalemate will continue

The more actively Ukraine and the Russian Federation strived for victory, the deeper the hopeless situation became worse. Regardless of the circumstances, trench warfare remains relevant and continues to evolve.

We will face even more disappointments associated with miracle weapons

If history is any indication, either Ukraine or Russia—most likely Ukraine, with Western help—will gain a short-term AI advantage until the other side either copies the technology or learns to nullify it.

The West will continue to support Ukraine

The increasing influence of far-right parties in Europe and the potential return of Trump to the presidency of the United States are causing concern in Kyiv. However, for democratic states, the betrayal of allies leaves an unpleasant aftertaste, and therefore support for Ukraine will remain.

The attention of the whole world may turn to a new conflict

In addition to the ongoing tension situation in Gaza, several potential hot spots stand out on the global stage that could flare up with renewed vigor and divert attention from the Ukrainian war. It is possible that an unexpected conflict could break out in another corner of the world, attracting the attention of the global community.

We recall that it was previously reported that there was a reduction in drone strikes by the Russian Federation: Svitan warned about the enemy’s plans for the near future.

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