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How to get rid of snoring in 3 nights: an expert talks about a simple method

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This information was reported by Rixelinform, reports URA-Inform.  

Quality sleep is necessary for normal well-being and restoration of the body. But snoring often interferes with this. If not for the sleeper himself, then for his wife or husband.

Somnologist Martin Sealy told how to get rid of this problem quite easily and quickly. At the same time, the specialist noted that for this it is enough to devote less than a minute to one lesson. You should only move your tongue for 30 seconds a day.

The doctor explained that before going to bed you need to close your mouth and move your tongue first ten times in one direction, and then ten more times in the other. Then you need to move it ten more times in the third direction.

The doctor, in a conversation with journalists, admitted that 59% of patients note a positive result after just three nights of using such a simple method.

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