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How to quickly distinguish a charged battery from a discharged one: there are two simple ways

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This information was reported by Gazeta, URA-Inform reports.

When batteries have served their purpose, they are not always recycled, but left at home. There they are often confused with new ones. In this case, it can be difficult to distinguish a charged battery from a discharged one.

There are two simple ways to find out if the battery has a charge:

Drop the battery from a small height

Drop the battery from a low height onto a flat surface. This could be a table, chair or cabinet. It is important to remember one condition: the battery must be kept in a vertical position.

If, after falling and hitting the surface, the battery falls on its side and does not bounce, it means there is a charge inside and it can be used. If the battery bounces several times before landing, you can take it for recycling, because there is no charge left in it.

The second method, you don’t even have to get up

You need to take the battery (plus side up) and drop it onto a flat surface from a height of about 10 cm. The battery that has not lost its charge will be positioned vertically without jumping.

If the battery falls on its side from such a height, it means that it can no longer be used, because it is empty. You can also tell if the battery is half empty. If it bounces a little, it means it can be used for a certain time.

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