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How to recognize iodine deficiency in the body: doctors named the main signs

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This information was reported by Rixelinform, reports URA-Inform.  

How can you tell if your body doesn’t have enough iodine? Doctors named the main signs that help determine this:


The complexion becomes dull and expressionless. The skin becomes more flabby, dark circles and swelling appear. Hair also begins to actively fall out, which is worth paying attention to immediately.

Cardiovascular system

Unpleasant painful sensations begin to appear in the heart area. The problem of shortness of breath also arises.


If you notice a strange weight gain, then the first thing you need to do is check yourself for a sufficient amount of iodine. This trace element controls the functioning of the thyroid gland. With iodine deficiency, significant weight gain can occur. Also, the thyroid gland itself becomes enlarged.

General malaise

With a lack of iodine, a person quickly gets tired and cannot lead his previous lifestyle. Problems associated with mental activity begin to appear.

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