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If the authorities decide to resign Zaluzhny: the expert explained how this will turn out for Ukraine

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Dialog reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

In his words, he emphasized that the level of trust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the country is at a high level, and Zaluzhny’s authority among the military is unconditional. Taras Zagorodniy also warned against a possible drop in President Zelensky's rating if he decides to replace Zaluzhny.

A political expert assessed the personality of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a national myth, saying:

«Zaluzhny — not just a person, he became a symbol of the nation. His high level of trust on the part of the military is important in the context of hostilities, since trust in the military leadership in this context is fundamental.

Regarding the possible dismissal of General Zaluzhny, Zagorodny emphasized that this could complicate political processes as his successor will always be compared to his illustrious predecessor. This, according to the expert, will create a new political dynamic in the country.

The expert also predicted the possible consequences of Zaluzhny’s resignation, noting that this could become a reason for uniting the opposition and supporters of a change of power. Taking into account the current political context, where the army is trusted by 87% of Ukrainians, the Commander-in-Chief becomes not just a military leader, but a symbol of national resistance.

We recall that it was previously reported who is spreading rumors about Zaluzhny’s resignation: the media said how he was involved Poroshenko.

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