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In Bukovina, civilians attacked a TCC employee: a military man opened fire to defend himself (video)

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In the Chernivtsi region on April 20, a group of civilians attacked a serviceman of the territorial recruitment and social support center.

This information was reported by the Chernivtsi Regional TCC and JV, URA-Inform reports.  

«Today, near the village of Chernoguzy, during the implementation of warning measures, a soldier of the Vizhnytsia district TCC and joint venture was attacked by a group of civilians. The vehicle of the TCC and JV representative was blocked, and force and threats were used against him», — the message says.

For the purpose of protection, the serviceman fired shots into the ground, as a result of which no one was injured. He called the police to the scene.

«We are finding out all the causes and circumstances of the incident and hope for an appropriate response from law enforcement agencies. We also inform you about liability for evasion and any obstruction of the work of military personnel of the TCC and SP», — noted in the military registration and enlistment office.

The TCC noted that, according to Part 1 of Article 114-1 of the Criminal Code, «Obstruction of the legitimate activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations during a special period» entails imprisonment for a term of five to eight years.

Recall that it was previously reported that a policeman was killed in the Vinnytsia region: it became known who was in the video.

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