• 14/07/2024 13:11

In China, they created a nuclear battery the size of a coin: what makes it unique (photo)

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This information was reported by TG «Lawyer of Rights», reports URA-Inform ”

Chinese startup Betavolt has unveiled the BV100 nuclear battery, which can generate electricity for 50 years without the need for recharging or maintenance.

The module is smaller than a coin (15 x 15 x 5 mm) 63 nuclear isotopes. As a result, a miniature battery can produce 100 microwatts of electricity and a voltage of 3 V. It is also capable of operating at temperatures from -60°C to 120°C.

At the same time, it is absolutely safe, the developers assure. The multi-layer design eliminates fires and explosions from external influences.

The company says its battery can power mobile phones that never need to be charged, drones that can fly forever, medical devices such as pacemakers, artificial hearts and hearing aids, and much more.

The next generation battery has now entered the pilot testing stage. The developers are confident that it will reach mass production for commercial purposes.

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