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In Poland, Ukrainian men were “handed out summonses”: what is known (video)

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This information was reported by TSN, reports URA-Inform.  

The video of a man in military uniform allegedly handing out summonses to Ukrainians in Warsaw was filmed by Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman Pavel Yakimchuk with the aim of making fun of «deviators».

In a conversation with reporters, the military man noted that he arrived in Poland for rehabilitation after being seriously wounded in the Kherson zone. During his stay in Poland, he made a humorous video pretending that Ukrainian TCCs were already allegedly tracking down «deviators» in Warsaw.

According to journalists, a humorous video where Pavel portrays a TCC employee has gone viral online, gaining millions of views. The military man himself emphasized that the purpose of creating this video was to ridicule the men who illegally left the territory of Ukraine.

«The position from which I made this video is to laugh, most likely, at those who fled from Ukraine, paying huge sums of money. So that they don’t think that, having gone to Europe, they can walk and feel safe,” he explained.

In response to a question about the possibility of similar videos appearing in the future, Pavel stated that he «will come up with something again».

«I will not leave them alone, I will do everything to them “to tease”, said the military man.

 We recall that it was previously reported where subpoenas are now being handed out: a TCC representative warned where the military might come.

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