• 20/07/2024 12:05

In Ukraine they want to introduce a special tax for everyone: the OP insider revealed what the authorities have in mind

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This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that the above scenario is planned to be implemented, starting with high-income citizens earning more than 20 thousand, and then extended to everyone. However, at the moment there is no information on the timing.

According to an insider, the chairman of the budget committee, Pidlas, expressed a plan to finance the mobilization and continuation of military operations:

«Persons with incomes over 20,000 hryvnia could be required to pay military duty not at 1.5%, but at 3%. It is also worth considering the introduction of luxury taxes.

However, it is worth noting that the information has not been confirmed by official or authoritative sources. However, it is known that Ukraine actually has a certain budget deficit that needs to be covered in wartime conditions.

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