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Iran warned Israel about nuclear facilities: the media found out what the threat was

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The Iranian state has warned Israel of a possible review of its nuclear strategy in the event of a threat to its nuclear facilities.

This information was reported by The Financial Times, URA-Inform reports.

According to the above-mentioned press, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran emphasized that Tehran is ready to reconsider its nuclear policy, which, according to Western countries, puts it is on the verge of armed status.

The warning comes in response to new US and UK sanctions against Iran's drone program in connection with last Saturday's strike on Israel.

Major-General Ahmad Haq Talab, responsible for the security of Iran's nuclear facilities, said:

&# 171;Review of the nuclear doctrine and strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is undoubtedly possible and is considered in the context of the threat of the fake Zionist regime to attack our nuclear institutions.

Haq Talab also warned Israel of the possible consequences of any aggression against Iranian facilities, emphasizing that a retaliatory attack could affect Israeli facilities, including those associated with the nuclear arsenal, which Israel has never officially recognized.

Recall that the Russian Federation is preparing a new major offensive: Budanov named the month when it will begin.

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