• 21/07/2024 12:18

Is help from the United States capable of turning the tide of the war in Ukraine: Bloomberg told

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Bloomberg believes that US approval for more than $60 billion in aid provides a lifeline for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This information was reported by Bloomberg, URA-Inform reports.  

At the same time, the publication believes that she is unlikely to be able to turn the tide of the war in Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, much will depend on how quickly US aid can reach the front lines after the House of Representatives approved military and economic aid on April 20.

With the package stalled in Congress for six months, Kyiv's military faces increasingly severe shortages of ammunition and manpower while Kremlin forces take advantage.

According to Nikolai Beleskov, a research fellow at the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kyiv, this assistance gives respite to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and will help them slow down the Kremlin's advance, conduct an «effective defense» and minimize losses. But for further development, he said, additional help is needed, and this is a difficult prospect in the United States due to resistance from Republicans in Congress.

«The question is whether and to what extent there will be assistance in 2025 and beyond — since Putin's strategy is to wait», — he said.

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