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Is there a threat of an attack on NATO: Lithuania assessed the capabilities of the Russian Federation

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This information was reported by Delfi, reports URA-Inform.  

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense noted that the Russian Federation does not have the resources to attack the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Now the aggressor’s goal is not to lose the war against Ukraine, and not to open a second front.

«Until the fighting in Ukraine ends, it is difficult to assume that Russia will redistribute priorities and begin to rally forces in other areas», — stated in the Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

The Department also assured that Russia is planning a long-term increase in forces in the western region. To this end, the aggressor has developed plans to expand infrastructure and military units, and is also carrying out infrastructural changes and dividing the spheres of command.

«Russia retains significant capabilities and constantly replenishes them at the front line in Ukraine. Russia's priority at the moment — not to lose in the war with Ukraine, it is devoting certain resources to this», — summarized to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

We recall that it was previously reported that Snyder named Putin’s main goal in the war against Ukraine: and this is not the seizure of territories.

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