• 24/07/2024 18:10

Is there pressure on Ukraine to start negotiations: Kuleba made an important admission

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Kuleba reported this information in an interview with El Pais, URA-Inform reports.

In an interview, he emphasized that such a proposal was not made by the allies either at delegated meetings or in closed, reduced formats. Kuleba said that such an option is not on the table, and all other statements are just “noise.”

The minister also pointed out the lack of desire of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to freeze the conflict or achieve peace with Ukraine. Kuleba expressed the belief that those who propose that Ukraine freeze the conflict are actually assisting the Kremlin, ignoring real threats from Russia.

Recalling previous negotiations, Kuleba emphasized that from 2014 to 2022, 200 rounds were held negotiations with Russia, 20 ceasefire agreements were concluded, but all ended with a full-scale Russian invasion.

He called for political thinking to be focused on a victory for Ukraine and a defeat for Russia, pointing out the need to focus efforts on achieving this goals.

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